Be A Mate
For Mental Health


We need $5,000 by March 31


We need your help to make a real difference through suicide prevention initiatives, care coordination, peer-to-peer mentoring, education and skills development, and many other community-based programs.

The road to recovery is long and your support is vital on the journey.

Make a donation today and you will be a light for those in darkness for people struggling with mental health.

Be a mate and donate today.


Our Purposes

To come together in good times and bad, and also prove to each other that :

No one is alone

Our lives are shared

Our burdens can be eased

Why your donation is so important?

2021 is a new year, and our world is a different place. We’re still trying to find a ‘new normal’ and we know that the anxiety of uncertainty is having a real, serious impact on a lot of Queenslanders.

Poor mental health is on the rise in this country. Young people aged 18 – 34 are experiencing high levels of COVID-19 related psychological distress. Contacts to crisis support services have increased up to 21% in the last year, with Lifeline, Kids Help Line and Beyond Blue reporting up to 80,000 people reaching out for help. Overnight loss of employment and social interaction took a huge toll on Australians last year with stress, confusion and anger affecting our daily lives. And while the pandemic will not last forever, the World Health Organisation (WHO) warns that this worldwide event may contribute to long-term mental ill health, including depression and anxiety.

The road to recovery from this pandemic is long, and supporting each other is a vital part of the journey.

That’s why, in 2021, WMQ is shining a spotlight on our mental health services, and the work and mission of those services to reach out to those who are struggling and show them that they are not alone, that they matter, and that even in this darkness, they can find light.

The world is different, but we are still a community.

Donate - Be A Mate

Remembering Mates - how your donation creates a legacy

Hear their story

Marcus’s Story

Bundaberg man Marcus Roberts was 23 when he took his own life while battling with depression. Now his family are honouring his memory through Marcus Mission.

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Jonesy’s Story

Jonesy was larger than life and like family to so many. His friends and family feel his loss deeply, and they don’t want other people to miss their chance to help their loved ones who might be struggling.

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Adrian’s Story

Adrian’s own personal struggles and feelings of suicide led him to become a mentor for other young men wrestling with their mental health.

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A big thank you to our Supporters

The real heroes who are kindly helping us achieve our goal


Ruth Robinson

Thank you for caring and making a difference.


Kerry Auer

For Marcus and beautiful family


Rebecca Madey


Sharon Eyles Eyles


Marcus H


Jolene Watson Watson


Suzanne Clarke

What a wonderful program to support men and their loved ones who struggle everyday with mental health. Good luck with your fund raiser.


Alana Boulton

Thank you 🙏 As a parent of a loved one with Mental Health challenges your support is greatly appreciated. My son has been in a Private Hospital waiting list for over a month with no admission. Beds available but “not enough specialists to pick up his case”. He was sent home from a public hospital recently with a few tablets and brochures after they made him sit in a waiting room for 6-8 hours following a psychosis. Resources, education, awareness & funding is greatly needed.


Paul Reis

Supporting those in the community that need to know they are not alone.


Carolyn Wood

A wonderful program to support young men at risk!


Linda Hamill


Caroline Cavanagh


Annabel Worthington






Roxanne Carruth


Michelle Ceguerra

All lives are special regardless of age. My inspiration to donate is Marcus, I don't know him but building a legacy in his honor, well that's something I can contribute to. xxx


M&s Vunderink



What great job you do !!!!