Give joy and hope this Christmas with the Red Bag Appeal

Virtual Red Bags Sponsored


Physical Red Bags Returned


More than 15 percent of Queenslanders live in poverty – more than the Australian average, and that rate is on the rise.

Every week, over 770,000 Queenslanders have to make the choice between putting food on the table, seeking medical help, or paying bills.

With your gift of a $50 Red Bag full of groceries, decorations and toys, you can bring joy and hope to those who are doing it tough this Christmas.

How you can get involved


By donating $50 the Brisbane Relief Hub will be able to provide a Red Bag to someone in need.

Fill a Red Bag

Fill a Red Bag with Christmas groceries and return it to one of our various Red Bag locations across South East Queensland.


Create your own fundraising page and raise money to donate ‘virtual’ Red Bags and help those in need.


Find out how you can give your time to support Queenslanders in need this Christmas.

Thank you to our Red Bag sponsors

And to our Red Bag partners

Steven Rowley (Poddy)
Brisbane Convoy for Kids Inc.

Opportunities are available for a range of corporate sponsorships of the Red Bag Appeal.

Please contact Roxanne Carruth on 07 3621 4313 or email to find out how your business can get behind this great initiative.