Shopping list

Please keep in mind some recipients don't have basic essentials like a stove or even a can opener.

  New toys for children (0-17 years)

  Chocolates, biscuits and lollies

  Chips, crackers, pretzels, popcorn and nuts

  Soft drinks and cordial

  Christmas bonbons

  Christmas cake & fruit mince pies

  Long-life custard and milk

  Tea and coffee (coffee sachets, flavoured teas, instant coffee, tea)

  Toiletries (male and female)

  Tinned meat (hams, salmon, tuna, corned beef)

  Packet items (noodles, cereal, pancake mix, cake mix, jelly)

  Tinned fruit (pineapple, peaches, passionfruit)

  Non-perishable food items (beetroot, corn, olives, pickles, honey, peanut butter, nutella, jam)

  Condiments (tomato & BBQ sauce, mustards, salad dressing, chutney, relish)

Pick Up

Pick up your Red Bags from Monday 30 October

Drop Off

Drop off full bags of Christmas goodies by Friday 24 November