Sponsor a nurse for Hopewell Hospice.

We need $60,000 to fund additional nurse hours at no cost to families.

For a lot of people, speaking about their final wishes as they near end of life brings up uncomfortable emotions, but for the dedicated and compassionate team at Hopewell Hospice, normalising discussions and supporting families is all part of the amazing work that they do each and every day.

How does your donation help?

Hopewell Hospice is a charitable adult palliative care facility servicing the Gold Coast and surrounding regions.  We rely on the generosity of the government and the community to ensure every family that needs us can access our services at no cost to them.

Pam, guest at Hopewell Hospice - Sponsor a Nurse Tax Appeal
Could cover a family meal while their loved one is receiving end of life care.
Hopewell Hospice - Sponsor a Nurse Tax Appeal
Could provide an hour of palliative nursing care for a patient in need.
Pam outside Hopewell Hospice - Sponsor a Nurse Tax Appeal
Could contribute towards a day of psychological and emotional support for a family.
Hopewell Hospice - Sponsor a Nurse Tax Appeal
Could go towards benefiting a patient through symptom management and pain relief for a week.

Our nurses bring compassion to end of life care.

Hopewell Hospice provides care in our facilities for a day, for short break stays, or in the comfort of your home.

Our nurses aim to create memories to last a lifetime. Every day, they provide physical and mental support for patients and their families. Any faith or no faith at all, you’re welcome here at Hopewell Hospice. We welcome and respect all religious and spiritual beliefs.

By sponsoring nurse hours, you help us provide invaluable support, from managing symptoms to emotional and respite care.

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Pam's journey at Hopewell Hospice

In loving memory.

"I feel like I am living, even though I am dying"

Pam battled terminal cancer for years and found solace and a renewed sense of peace within the walls of Hopewell Hospice. In this deeply personal testimonial, Pam shared her heartfelt experiences, highlighting the remarkable care and support she received from the staff and volunteers at Hopewell.

By sponsoring nurse hours, you ensure more people like Pam and her family can cherish their last days, weeks, or months together, finding comfort in a home away from home.  

Hear from clients and nurses

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Hopewell Hospice is operated by Wesley Mission Queensland.
Donations over $2 are tax deductible.