Sponsor a nurse for Hummingbird House.

We need $220,000 to fund additional nurse hours at no cost to families.

We witness the heartbreak of children living with life-limiting conditions. But with your support, we can ensure that more parents have the opportunity to say goodbye to their child in a dedicated, specialised environment like Hummingbird House.

How does your donation help?

Queensland's only children’s hospice relies on the generosity of the government and the community to ensure every family that needs us can access our services at no cost to them.

Aydan with his sibling (sister) - Sponsor a Nurse 2024
Could buy a gift for a sibling visiting the house while receiving respite care.
Ayden and Ainsley at Hummingbird House - Sponsor a Nurse - Tax Appeal 2024
Could provide an hour of palliative nursing care for a child in need.
Lillian and personal carer Tayla playing outside Hummingbird House - Sponsor a Nurse 2024
Could contribute towards a day of psychological and emotional support for a child and their family.
Hydrotherapy session at Hummingbird House - Sponsor a Nurse - Tax Appeal 2024
Could go towards benefiting a child through symptom management and pain relief for a week.
By sponsoring a nurse, you can help us provide invaluable support, from managing symptoms to emotional and respite care. Every Queensland family deserves access to high-quality paediatric palliative care, and you can make a difference. 

The hospice was built by Queenslanders for Queenslanders, and to this day relies on the generosity and support of the Queensland government and corporate and community supporters to ensure our service is here for every family that needs us, at no cost to them.

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How we support our Queensland families

Tia and Ayden's story

"I come here with my son Ayden, who has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, and his brothers and sisters. All my time at home revolves around Ayden - feeding him, changing him, repositioning him, making sure he's happy. It's very hard, it's very stressful. It's a really big thing for us to come down here for a bit of rest."

Tia, Ayden's mum 

Ainsley's story (Nurse Navigator)

"What I think families appreciate most about nurses at Hummingbird House is the sense of safety. Coming to Hummingbird House, talking with our staff, and felling like they're with people who understand and getting that extra layer of support really gives them a sense of comfort."

Ainsley, Nurse Navigator

Our nurses are superheroes

Help our nurses create positive, lasting memories for families

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Hummingbird House is a joint initiative of Hummingbird House Foundation and Wesley Mission Queensland.
Donations over $2 are tax deductible.