The Joy Parade - Caravana de la Alegria 2022 @ Wesley Kids

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Wesley Mission Queensland (WMQ) has been helping Queenslanders in need for more than 100 years, and I am proud to be lending a helping hand, too. And with YOUR help, together we can make an even bigger impact!

'The Joy Parade or Caravana de la Alegria' started in Colombia with Jaime Jaramillo, known as 'Papa Jaime', when he decided to make a career change, leaving his corporate job as an engineer and devoting his life to rescuing kids living in the sewage of Bogota, Colombia.

Papa Jaime (translated in English as Dad Jaime) founded a non-profit organisation called "Ninos de Los Andes". He established rehab for the kids to detox from substances (mainly glue inhalers, as that was the cheapest way for them to cope with hunger, cold temperatures, abuse, etc., when they were living on the sewage). The foundation "Ninos de Los Andes", grew so much that they could also offer shelter and education for those vulnerable kids to learn new skills and make a living. Over the last 40 years, the foundation "Ninos de Los Andes" has helped around 95,000 kids in Colombia, protecting them from homelessness, addictions and abuse.

Every December, Papa Jaime's volunteers organise a Xmas activity called "Caravana de la Alegria" or 'Joy Parade' as we call it in English. This activity consists of volunteers jumping on Xmas decorated cars to hit the streets and visiting different organisations and hospitals that look after the most vulnerable to bring them Joy, Happiness, Hope, Compassion, and Companionship for a few hours. During this activity, there are Xmas gifts for the kids, entertainment, food, donations & fundraising for the organisations/hospitals that are offering the services to the community. 

This year for the first time in Australia, The Joy Parade will be visiting Wesley Kids (non-profit Mental Health services for kids 3 – 12 yrs) and Hopewell Hospice (Palliate Care for adults) on the Gold Coast.

Please support this wonderful day by making a donation using the 'Donate' button on this fundraising page.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Thank you  & Merry Christmas!

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