Eagleby All Stars

By Pania Taramai Join Me

I'm fundraising for the Eagleby All Stars Sports Program

The Eagleby All Stars was started to give kids in Eagleby the chance to play a sport for free. Before this program you would have to travel due to sport being in outer-suburbs and only having Rugby in Eagleby. The Eagleby All Stars will have two sports running; Netball and Basketball for children in year 1 to Year 8. Also Club sports can be very costly especially for a family with more than 2 children. Your donation would allow this sports program to continue as it will cover costs for equipment, uniforms and coaches. We appreciate any donation big or small so thank-you for your donation today. 

Thank you to my Supporters


Ben Connally

Good stuff Sally x


Marco Diana And Ryanne Klein




Allwyn Palmer


Kiara Cummins



Awesome program


Melissa Mcauliffe

Such a good program. Hope you can keep it running.


Fauz Muhammed


Tracey Hollis





Hi. This is for slaters hoodie. Ill share the page and hope to get some donations.


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Ashanti Aaliyah

This program is awesome. The women who run this are amazing and inspiring to the community.